Speakers Association of Hawaii

Tips for Successful Speakers

I sat down with professional speaker, Allen Klein at the Speakers Association of Hawaii (SAH) January meeting. He was  entertaining with a humorous flair for telling stories that reveal lessons for living. His one-of-a-kind, designed-just-for-speakers presentation, scattered 10 speaking gems … Read More

That which could be…

What is Happiness? Wellness? Lessons from the longest study on Happiness What’s astounding to me as a recovering aerospace design engineer—there has been so much of our treasure spent on building more efficient and mission driven ways to kill other … Read More

CLimate Change communicator

Concerned about Climate Change?

Wanna be a Climate Change Communicator? Do you find it difficult to communicate about climate change and other forms of industrial disease? Are you confident speaking about solutions, like moving towards sustainability? One of the most important things we can … Read More

Lifting others, lifts you, p. 2 of 2

Writing a recommendation letter, testimonial or letter of support Now that you know what, when and why to write a testimonial, recommendation or letter of support, let’s learn how it is structured. The basic outline follows standard (old school) letter … Read More

Lifting others, lifts you, p. 1 of 2

What, When & Why to write a Recommendation Letter, Letter of Support or Testimonial Have you ever written a letter of support for a colleague, neighborhood student, or someone you believed was a good person? Have you ever been asked … Read More

Impact Rising on Earth

Human impact rising

Key indicators show rising Impact on Earth The Hawaii islands are home to the longest running Impact data-set for measuring atmospheric carbon dioxide. The Mauna Loa monitoring station on Hawaii island started measuring in 1958, little more than half a … Read More

Riseup—YOU are more than you think you are

Riseup—YOU are more than you think you are… Who owns the light that is entering your eyes each day? Riseup… What percentage of your daily attention is on a screen? Riseup… Asked another way, what is the amount of screen … Read More

Calling you forward


What’s your calling? What motivates you to get out into the urban world to stand and speak for positive vision of the future? In 2007, as he lay in the hospital, his body succumbing to the ravages of chemo and … Read More

Aligning your business with your Values

Do you want to build a thriving business that leaves a legacy of good for generations to come? Creating a conscious business can be hugely rewarding on so many levels… The reality? Running a business aligned with your values and … Read More

Before the Flood

Before the Flood—film review As a trainee, presenter and mentor for Al Gore’s Climate Leadership team, I was struck by how closely the film, Before the Flood, follows Mr. Gore’s Climate Reality focus, in content, style and story. Presented in … Read More