Aligning your business with your Values

Do you want to build a thriving business that leaves a legacy of good for generations to come? Creating a conscious business can be hugely rewarding on so many levels… The reality? Running a business aligned with your values and … Read More

Before the Flood

As a trainee, presenter and mentor for Al Gore’s Climate Leadership team, I was struck by how closely the film, Before the Flood, follows Mr. Gore’s Climate Reality focus, in content, style and story. Presented in a powerful, yet simplified … Read More

HPU sells Hawaii Loa campus

Breaking News! Just received this from my alma mater. Sad day to see Hawaii Loa go. More development and traffic at that intersection. Windward will benefit from having a better more comprehensive healthcare facility with strength and history in the … Read More

Bill McKibben, deep ecologist

In 2004, with the angst of another failed progressive candidate fresh in our minds, and determined to continue moving forward. I co-founded a hui, Facing the Future (FtF). This was a talented experienced team of community engagement professionals that included, … Read More

Earthday Summit 2016

Aloha friends and fellow humans, Our living planet has been there for all life for millions of years. Many of us have been working for decades to raise consciousness of human degradation of our home and the incredible positive potential … Read More

Leadership in Extraction and Environment

In 2011, I journeyed to west Africa as one of a cohort of graduate scholars invited by the State Department and the University of Ghana. After receiving my bachelor’s degree in aerospace systems engineering from the University of Maryland, I … Read More

Center for Sustainable Futures

#GoFurtherHPU To any rational social minded agent, it has become abundantly clear—in a positive, equitable, ecologically diverse future, more humans practicing sustainable development are required, across the entire spectrum of human activities—especially faith and business networks. In order to manifest … Read More

Flock of birds

Leading from the Wheel of Learning

According to my Native wisdom heritage, recognition of ancestors who’ve prepared the path of life for us must be acknowledged. My teachers and mentors inspired me to be the best I could be. Our relationships can include those with those … Read More