What my clients say...

"I came to Rob because my shoulders were rounding and my back was sore. I walked out feeling taller, lighter and looser."
"Rob knows how to see… with his hands."
LilySpiritual Adviser
"I feel awake, energized and much more aware of myself."
"Rob's techtouch showed me I could continue my job without pain killers. I have not taken any pain killers since. Thank you, Rob."
EzioHairdresser, Writer
"I'm a student and I study a lot. That means sitting. I walked in with very tight hips, and walked out feeling loose and free."
EdileeInternational student
"I feel with Rob's work, there is a journey. He knows just how deep to go to catalyze a release, then there is release after release. That's never happened with others."
PatBuddhist teacher

When should you consider Massage?

Health benefits

For relief from pain and stress,

for holistic wellness,

sports and exercise improvement,

recuperation from injury,

on vacations and holidays, or

as a gift to loved one.

You deserve to feel good.

Loving and gentle hands. Invigorating, soothing and therapeutic massage.

Try human touch, you will feel better…

Lomilomi teachers

Rob with Aunty Margaret and Sheila. Indigeneous Hawaiians used the words Mauō = the perpetuation of our well-being, and ho’omauō = to perpetuate our well-being. We are inspired by our ancestors.


Aunty Margaret Kalehuamakanoelu’ulu’uonapali Machado of Napo’opo’o, Kealakekua in Hawaiian Lomilomi

Rosalyn Bruyere in Lakota Medicine Wheels, Subtle Energy Awareness

Nyima Khadro (Tibetan) & Sibylle Algaire (Japanese) Reiki, Sally Klemm in Cranio-Sacral, and others…

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